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allied building supply tucson
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allied building supply arizona
allied building supply arizona
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Acoustical Products and Ceiling Tiles Phoenix & Tucson
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Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
As a distributer for USG (United State Gypsum) we carry the largest selection of tile in the state. If you are looking for something specific or just shopping - go to our links page and click USG, click ceilings an select by texture. USG is also very strong in Sustainability, which in terms of 'Green' places emphasis on recycled or renewable ingredients to support healthy environments. Allied also has access to Armstrong, and Cel-tain teed materials and can order, if you know the product number.

When trying to decide what product a customer wants, one need to first decide what kind of 'Acoustics' they are looking for. Acoustical Materials are manufactured to either 'ABSORB' or 'REDUCE' sound transmission in a room. The terms used in the industry are NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) or STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient)

Sound Absorbtion
measures the degree to which a ceiling panel absorbs sound. Ceiling panels with a high NRC value are mostly appropriate for open area because they can reduce reverberation within a space. NRC is represeted by a number between 0 and 1.00, which indicates the percentage of sound reaching the panel that will be absorbed. For example, and acoustical ceiling panel with an NRC value of .60 will absorb 60% of the sound that strikes it and deflect 40% back into the space. A ceiling panel with and NRC of .50 or higher is considered to offer significant sound absorbing properties.

Sound Blocking
Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC)
indicates the ability to reduce sound transmission. Panels with a high CAC value can improve privacy in enclosed spaces by blocking sound from transmitting up into the plenum and down to adjacent rooms. A ceiling panel with a CAC of 40 will reduce transmitted sound by 40 decibles (dB). A ceiling panel with a CAC of 35 or higher is considered to offer significant sound attention properties.

Most products are designed to either reduce the transmission of noise or absorb it. Many products are designed to do both.

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Fabric Covered AWP Wall Panels fabric covered awp wal panels  tucson

perforated efp aluminum panels Perforated EFP Aluminum Panels

There are many acoustical products available for different appications from foam, fiberglass, and many others for absorbtion (Sonex, Netwell), as well as products to reduce noise transmission (Acoustilead, DB Block, Insuquilt).
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Portable Acoustic
Quilted Divider
Curtain & Enclosure
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